Welcome to archive.jmibanez.com, where you can find old stuff I've done.

Lizard's Asylum

Hand-coded HTML and CSS, written way back in 2001. I lost a bunch of files when I moved hosts, so the files I have here were mostly recovered from a MovableType instance I used to run; entries from that period (MovableType) are sadly lost, as far as I can tell.

This is as close to the original content as I can get them— I've also mostly fixed up internal links so they point to the proper places, but other than that, the HTML and content is as it was


A simple template engine, written in C.


A Wiki engine written purely using JSPs; a kludge of JSPWiki, and a half-hearted attempt to build a wiki when I was hosted on the now defunct MyCGIServer/MyJavaServer


A peer-to-peer chat system I built back in college, when I was trying to get around certain restrictions on the Windows network.