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october 10, 2001

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Madness, don't you think? Enter my parlor, said the spider to the fly. Sign the guestbook.

Lizard's Asylum has reboot! We're on F2S servers. I was supposed to move to DigitalRice but they're having problems, so...

One: Reboot

 Lizard's Asylum has reboot.

If you've been here before, you probably know that. But if this is the first time you dropped in, might I suggest a short tour of my site?

I'm now hosted by F2s. So... what's new? For one thing, I've uploaded a message board, as well as changed my guestbook.

Two: Update

 So what happened to the Asylum between now and July 20?

First, I had difficulty updating this site regularly. I found my LiveJournal easier to update, and I've been keeping that one. Of course, I also felt that my LJ was the wrong place to put long essays. I needed a place to expound on my thoughts.

But the problem was I had a hard time updating the raw HTML files that made up the site. Up to now, I don't use WYSIWYG editors like Frontpage. I wanted to be able to edit raw HTML at the same time separate my content from most of the code.

And this is where MERGe comes in. Actually, MERGe was for a different project I was working on. (If you want a copy, it's freely downloadable here. Distributed under the GNU GPL).

I separated my layout from most of the content. With that, I can concentrate on writing content, and separate HTML coding.

(Yes, this is a blatant plug for MERGe).

So what have I been doing?

I've been busy doing college stuff, including papers, papers, and more papers. I've been writing C program code in my spare time. I've been surfing the Net. I've been reading up on opinions. I've been catching up on the news.

But seriously, I haven't been that busy. There have been people busier than me, and I can't claim to be the busiest.

I shut down Asylum because I was moving, and the host I was moving to was revamping the whole service. So I waited... and waited... Until I decided that the Asylum was getting to be too much work.

Three: What Now?

 So now I'm back. What now?

Expect more essays. More stories about life around the Metro. More stories about the extraordinary ordinary. Expect more angst.

But more importantly, expect more insane thoughts from me.

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