Thank you, thank you

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I'd like to thank the following for making this site possible, directly or indirectly:

First and foremost, I'd like to thank God and my parents. Without them, I wouldn't be here in the first place; Patricia Zuñiga, Leandro Poco, & Nicole Sta. Maria, for no reason at all; Carlo, Ed, and Mick, my cousins, you guys have helped me become what I am; Rally and Rindel, my other cousins, for being funny and hyper, and Richard for all the VCDs (thanks); Microsoft (blech!), for providing me with the most bloated browser ever; Geocities, for providing free web space;, for those unique shots of cynicism; A List Apart, for giving me the inspiration to develop standards-compliant code; DJ Delorie, for creating the better GNU C/C++ Compiler for DOS; Edsamail (yeah!), for the free email service; That annoying kid who always kills me in Counterstrike, may I finally return the favor one of these days I've returned the favor; Valve, for building Half-Life and spawning several MODS, including the above-mentioned Counterstrike; Tabasco Pepper sauce, never leave home without it; Otra Cosa, the Mexican stall near Hen-Lin, for providing me with my lunch every other day; Matt Arcilla for providing me with an idea (thanks); Ginny Gonzalez, Cristina Morena, Jane Cua, Patricia Pineda, and Jellica Mateo for providing the images used in version 4.x's collage; Ken for his original image that I used in version 5's layout; Jam for helping me debug the version 5 layout, as well as for the constructive criticism— thanks, Jam, I really owe you one; Coffee California for brewing me a mean cup of cafe mocha everyday.

Background music while I work courtesy of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Don Byron, Dianna Krall, Louis Armstrong, Thelonious Monk, and the Radioactive Sago Project, as well as the Brand New Heavies, Incognito, and DSound.

Thanks to the whole of block F, first year.

Happy hunting to [tROY] and junt@o.

Hats-off to the Free Software Foundation, GNU, and Linux.Org.

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