Insanity in a box

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This is Lizard's Asylum, a collection of essays and ramblings about Metro Manila and life in the Philippines, with digressions into philosophy and current events. Written by Jan Michael Ibañez. When necessary, swallow with a pinch of salt.

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Version 8 rehashes previous layouts. Select from Walking Away, Ethereal Cityscapes, Wonderland, Insanity in a Box, or Caffeine (which happens to be a new layout). The line art of a cup of coffee was executed by me on (gag) Microsoft Paint, with a little editing in Microsoft Photo Editor. It is in no way related to Sun Microsystems' Java (TM) logo.

Edited photo in version 7.0 executed by Jan Michael Ibañez on JASC Paint Shop Pro v6.0. Original source images taken from iStockPhoto, and my personal collection. Original source images © Genina Gonzalez and © Kench Genato.

The really weird image in version 6 is an original image taken from photographs in my hard drive.

Alice in the Mad Hatter's Hat/Mercury Girl in version 5.0 is an original image by Ken. Used with permission. Inspired by the game American McGee's Alice. Modified for use at the Asylum by Jan Michael Ibañez; original image here.

Gendou Ikari's eyes from version 2.x, and the image in version 3.x courtesy of "A Modest Shrine to Gendou Ikari". Gendou Ikari and all Neon Genesis Evangelion characters and artwork © Gainax. Don't sue me, I'm quite penniless.

Photo collage from version 4.0 executed by Jan Michael Ibañez on JASC Paint Shop Pro v6.0. Images used for photo collage taken by Genina Gonzalez and company (thanks!). Photos are of Chinatown in Binondo, Manila.

Lizard's Asylum launched February 28, 2001. Updated semi-regularly. Daily musings can be found in my LiveJournal.


I started this site out of a need for a soapbox. I wanted to broadcast my thoughts, my feelings, and everything about me in general. So this site is self-centered. Sue me, I say.

Actually, I had a lot of stuff in my personal journal that I thought was worth publishing. I had nowhere to publish it, so I decided to place it online.

However, this thing took on a life of its own, separate from my journal. It was where I played around with HTML, and this is where I got my feet wet so to speak.

Yes, in other words, this is my personal vanity site.

Insanity in a box

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Most of the layouts I used for the stylesheet "skin" system are based on previous layouts. Walk Away is based on version 3 of this site's layout, Ethereal on version 4, Wonderland on version 5, and Insanity on the most recent (version 7) layout. Caffeine is an entirely new layout.

Caffeine's line art of a cup of coffee was entirely executed by me on— hold your breath— MS Paint. Yes, you heard me right. Microsoft Windows... Paint.


Written by Jan Michael Ibañez, currently a student at the University of Asia & the Pacific. Otherwise known as that coño school. Part-time programmer and writer. If I'm not writing here, I'm dreaming up my next line of code. Or griping about my lack of design skills. Want to know me more?

See the credits page for info on people and things that have made this possible. View my technical notes to read up on changes to the site.

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