April 15, 2002


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It's interesting to listen to people gossip, my mom and my sister especially. Their topics range from local showbiz stars to the motives of my dad's business clients to news from and about my relatives. Of course, it isn't really that sinister— it's more of harmless speculation and news from the grapevine.

Last night, we went to my aunt's house in Kalookan, way up north in Metro Manila. My aunt's my dad's first cousin on his father's side. My dad had given a business proposition to her. She was talking about our various relatives and their positions. She related how the brother of this aunt, or this cousin, or the wife of that uncle was working in this and that multinational. "Why not form an Ibañez corporation? I mean we have the contacts!," she jested. It was interesting.

I never realized how extensive my family tree is. I never knew that I was related to Ericson Fermin, for example (he's my second cousin— he's the son of the aunt I mentioned). Although relatives to the second degree, they are still my relatives.

I honestly wouldn't have known had it not been for gossip.

The dark side

Of course, not all gossip is that benign. Recently, I've heard about some of my batchmates and schoolmates from my high school. I've heard some of them have come out of the closet about their homosexuality. I have heard this and that person getting pregnant. The shock precedes every rational thought in those instances, and sometimes I wonder whether I can believe these negative inputs. Is so-and-so really gay? He was a bully in high school! I can't believe she's pregnant... it doesn't seem like her.

Although in most cases I may not be the first person to know of these tidbits of news, they still reach me. I've heard about them from friends and relatives. It's an informal news network, this rumor grapevine. A lot of the news you receive may be slightly off, or even very false. However, it is still an effective way to learn about these things without confrontating the person(s) in question. And you know, Filipinos aren't the most confrontational people.

Medyo priviledged information 'yon. Sorry. :) What if I put up a blind item site here? Hwehwehwehwe :)

Mad ravings: the CyberLizard on April 17, 2002 11:00 PM

you're related to sir eric?! holy crap he was one of my karate instructors he's waaay galeng!!!

the other people mentioned in that article are also my teachers... gretchen was my classmate in karate... yikes you're realted to sir ericson....

small world

Mad ravings: richelle on April 18, 2002 12:30 AM


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