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Wrapper DIV for the whole body area. Used in version 2.1 files; allows version 2.0 files to coexist with version 2.1 files.
DIV used for node list links.
DIV for head image and links
Ensures that images display in v2.1 files. The v2.0 stylesheet forces images to be hidden.


Inline third-level heading. Used to introduce entry sections; only used in version 2.1 files. Will not work properly if there is no containing #bodywrap DIV.
Inline fourth-level heading. Used in technical.html date entries.
Used for the header image and header links.
Used for the copyright branding at the bottom.
Used for the back to top link at the bottom of long entries.
Text substitute links. Allows v4.x browsers to maintain a link to the current entry when the header image is hidden.
Class for warning text. Hides warning text provided for v4.x browsers; people with v4.x browsers see the text, while CSS-2 compliant browsers don't.


Stylesheet uses pixels as a base unit, instead of points or ems. Printing any of the pages may result to unreadable text. Currently, a printer-friendly stylesheet is unavailable.

Stylesheet conforms to the W3 Consortium's CSS, Level 2 Specification.

Several stylesheets are used. The v2.0 stylesheet is a basic font stylesheet, without any layout code. The v2.1 stylesheet contains layout code, and is loaded by an @import directive, instead of the usual LINK tag. The @import directive is CSS-2, and non-compliant browsers do not understand it; non-compliant browsers do not load the v2.1 stylesheet. A third stylesheet (also loaded using an @import directive) contains v2.2 layout-specific changes to the base v2.1 stylesheet.

Version 3.0, however, uses a base sheet that derives itself from the v2.1 stylesheet. The version 3.0 stylesheet (v3base.css) is also loaded by an @import directive.

Stylesheet code

v21styles.css Version 2.1 layout styles
v22styles.css Version 2.2 layout derived styles
v3base.css Version 3.0 layout derived styles/base stylesheet

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