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This is version 3.x of Lizard's Asylum. Version 3.0 uses a CSS-based liquid layout. What that means is the body text width is not static; it grows and shrinks with the browser window. The layout also adapts to the browser window. This allows a cross-resolution layout to be used.

Version 3.1 uses absolute positioning.


Layouting performed on a global stylesheet. The global stylesheet for version 3.0 is derived from the version 2.1 stylesheet (stylesheet version 2.2). Version 3.1 is an update of version 3.0 that uses the global base typography sheet introduced in version 4.x.

All HTML code use DIVs to denote various sections. The HTML code degrades to an information-based hierarchical layout.

Cascading Style Sheet created in Notepad. Primary source of inspiration from A List Apart. CSS conforms to W3C's CSS Specification, level 2.

Version 3.x is completely CSS-based.

All images were modified using JASC Paint Shop Pro 6.

Changes to date

February 10, 2001 Tweaked stylesheet to use global base typography sheet.
May 15, 2001 Stylesheet tweaked to render properly in IE5.0/Win
May 12, 2001 Version 3.0 implemented.
April 23, 2001 Version 3.0 started.

Version History

Version 3.x
Version 3.11 February 10, 2001. Stylesheet updated to use global base typography sheet (basefont.css).
Version 3.0 Started April 23, 2001, implemented May 12. Stylesheet derived from version 2.1 stylesheet.
Version 2.x
Version 2.2 Started April 20, 2001. Stylesheet derived from version 2.1 stylesheet. Version 2.2 is an interface/layout update. Header is now a green block; text surrounded by green border.
Version 2.2t (transitional) Started April 17. Entry header text contained inside a DIV.
Version 2.1 Started April 16, 2001. Stylesheet upgrade to CSS-2. Uses a DIV container and a CSS-based layout. This is a gradual upgrade. Some files will still use version 2.0 code. Version 2.1 is an internal code upgrade. No major interface change. However, v2.1 files do not retain their layout in 4.x browsers.
Version 2.0 Started March 30, 2001. Green head graphic, Verdana/Geneva font. Left text orientation (align="left").

Version 1.x
Version 1.1 Started March 15, 2001. White background, black text. Line division. Columnar layout. Frameless.
Version 1.0 Started March 12, 2001. Frame layout. White backround, black text. Unbalanced, short-lived. Two set-ups: vertical and horizontal.

Version 0.x (initial)
Version 0.3 Started March 10, 2001. Blue layout. Frames. Blue left frame, gray right frame, ad frame at the bottom. JavaScript/DHTML to change the Title frame text.
Version 0.2 Started March 03, 2001. Blue layout. Frames. Blue left frame, gray body frame, ad frame at the bottom. Link bar at the upper left.
Version 0.1 Started February 28, 2001. Blue bar layout.

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