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mar 12 2001
mar 01 2001

March 8, 2001

You don't necessarily put up a site and then get depressed because nobody seems to be dropping by. You first get depressed then put up a site.

Annoyance, annoyance My mind's been blank lately. I've been walking through everyday in a daze. Even this site seems to be out of my mind.

I've done away with the old "blue bar" effect. I hated it anyway. Actually, I was bored with the look, so I decided to revise it. I've been having problems with the scripting, though. Damned Netscape. Damned Microsoft. Why couldn't the world be simpler? Why can't JavaScript be damned simpler? Damned capitalist "new economy."

Yes, I've decided to add some scripting to this site. As you can see, the menu bar has changed. Unfortunately though, I can't seem to make the script work for Netscape Communicator, so my apologies to the Netscape people out there.

The stupidity of sex Can you believe I've infected my computer with an email worm? I've been known to be picky about EXEs in my mail, but this particular mail message... well, I fell for it. Hormones, you see.

The particular message had an intro story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Yes, I just couldn't resist trying to find out. Curiousity has its limits. Sigh. You'd think a computer geek would never fall into this trap.

Let this be a lesson: never open EXE files unless you have a virus scanner. Or, better yet, never open EXE files from people you don't know. Scratch that, I've received mail from friends infected with viruses. Hmm...

Ahh, forget it.




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