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mar 08 2001
feb 28 2001

March 1, 2001

This is the second entry. And I love being disgustedly self-centered.

I've done some tidying up. I'll be tinkering with the look and feel of the site for a week or two before everything comes out all right. Of course, your suggestions are welcomed.

Commuted to school today, passing through Baclaran The streets were littered with bits and pieces of trash. A large pile of garbage was on a corner, flies buzzing around it. The problem has gotten a lot worse.

I was warned about getting my pocket picked, or my bag slashed. Is it really that bad? "This isn't the US," my mom reminded me, implying that the US was far better. What BS. Crime is still crime, whether it be New York City, or Parañaque. Maybe it's a generalization, but all cities are prone to crime.

The election circus You know election's coming up when electrical posts and flyovers are painted with the posters of your local officials. A friend of mine suggested one of the candidates looks like a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Never thought of that.

Of course, I can't critique the upcoming elections, having no background in sociology or politics. Heck, this is the first election where I'm actually paying attention to who's running. Scratch that, I was semi-aware during the 1998 elections. Hopefully, the populace has learned a thing or two from electing Estrada.

Dream on, JM.

Elections are also coming up in the UA&P. Didn't attend the miting de avance though. Honestly, I'm irritated with the elections here. The biggest batch within the College of Arts and Sciences is our batch, the freshmen. We are the majority, and yet we may be the least prepared. The miting de avance was only announced 1-2 days before the event. Guidelines on how to vote have not been released by the COMELEC. According to what I've learned, the COMELEC will be releasing these guidelines on the election day itself. How in heaven's name are we to choose properly?




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