mar 19 2001
mar 12 2001

March 15, 2001

It's the final two weeks of classes. I basically blew the second semester, slacking off and all. Damn, it's all catching up to me.

The Metro looks dreary today. I can see the University out the window (I'm in a computer shop across school, for crying out loud). I'm exhausted. I don't think I'll enjoy this summer.

As you can see I've changed the site interface (again). I can't seem to be satisfied with my designs. This is currently version 1.1x of the site, the x standing for experimental. Version 1.0 and below all looked unbalanced.

I couldn't find the right look. I wanted a low-bandwith, mostly text site that depicted the idea of an asylum. Something that was away from reality, from the loud and colorful world. Something akin to my personal space.

Elections are two months away. I'm still not registered; so are about a million other Filipino youth. The number actually varies; some say a hundred thousand, some four million, others a million. Whatever, the fact is we weren't given adequate time to register. The registration wasn't even properly advertised.

It's a pain, really. Here I was, all hyped up to vote, and suddenly I can't. Damn. I've lost the chance to actually get involved in society, to contribute to the formation of society.

Oh well, that's that.

The country can go to hell, for all I care. When that happens, let's all migrate to the US.




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