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mar 20 2001
mar 15 2001

March 19, 2001

"Welcome to the hell hole that is the Philippines."

Almost. I'm proud to be living here. At least there's never a dull day.

I've discovered that life in the UA&P isn't all that bad. At least I discovered that during the last weeks of my first year. If you get reliable connections to certain sectors, you'll know what I mean. It's a veritable soap.

You have electoral complaints from so-named airhead princesses, shocking profanity plays (artsy-fartsy), love triangles, s.o.b. biology teachers...

And I thought university life would be boring.

Election commercials You definitely know that elections are within months when pop songs are suddenly transformed into ridiculous campaign jingles. Sigh. From "Who Let The Dogs Out" to "Livin' La Vida Loca." Good grief.

Of course, all of that's old news-- been there, done that.

If you hear a campaign wagon in the neighborhood, borrow your grandmother's hearing aid. That way, your eardrums get blasted into smitherens and you won't hear that damned jingle again.




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