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mar 23 2001
mar 19 2001

March 20, 2001

What is the meaning of life?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Why do people fight?

Why does Joyce Jimenez have big boobs?

Updates I've linked in the Geocities/Yahoo! guestbook. You can access it by clicking on the 'reply' link. Of course, I've included other ways to reach me.

Think I'm planning to create a concept site. Well, not quite a concept site. I just wanted to try out a high-bandwith design. I'll probably put it up in a few weeks. If you want to contribute sites with good design to me, try emailing me their URLs.

One site I particularly like is the black weekend. It's graphical yet low-bandwith. It's also member of the FlipBlogs netring.

Another interesting site is Translational Motion. Unfortunately, the site is down (as of March 20, 2001) so the link leads to nonsense. I don't have a screen capture, but I tell you, it's a great layout.

Amazing I actually updated within a day. I'm sorry, I had nothing better to do. I'm lazy when it comes to studying stuff I'm not interested in. That includes about three-fourths of the classes I'm taking this sem. So, that's a lot of free time.




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