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mar 28 2001
mar 23 2001

March 25, 2001

Onli in da pilipins The whole issue can only happen here in these islands.

As I was saying...

The annoyance really is that the Church is interfering in government work. Actually, it sounds better in Filipino: Nakikialam ang Simbahan sa trabaho ng gobyerno. You really can't translate pakialam directly into English. It could either mean "to interfere" or "to get involved in." So obviously, the context becomes necessary to translate.

However, in this case the context is clear: the Church may have a say in the morals of the nation, but it should not in any way preempt the actions of the proper government officials. It has interfered in the proper functioning of the MTRCB.

Of course, Archbishop Sin has always had his say in the political situation in the country. Hence, the two Edsa uprisings.

What do you do with a problem like organized religion?

Of course, I'm not against Christianity. Just the politics.

Party Attended a party last night. Wonderful. Met a few people. Drinks were served; I had Gilbeys Gin with lime, and a San Miguel beer. The beer tasted slightly funny. I really wouldn't have noticed if I didn't really pay attention to the taste.

Met a girl who's taking Film at the University of the Philippines. Interesting. I've always been interested in film and cinematography.

Also, I met another otaku. Her site layout is pretty neat.

I also met a UST PT Student. She was a bit silent, though.

Welcome to... I've always wondered what flunking a subject would feel like. Damn. I learned I failed APS. Sigh. Now how the hell do I break the news to my parents. Of course, I won't get a scholarship I was planning to apply for.




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