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mar 31 2001
mar 25 2001

March 28, 2001

What is the essential difference between obsession and dedication?

If you're dedicated to something, you work for it amid all the problems, trials, obstacles...

If you're obsessed, you repeatedly pound yourself to do the same thing, even if it isn't practical or sane.

But aren't the two the same? Doesn't dedication mean taking a risk and pushing yourself to do what you are dedicated to doing? Even if it doesn't seem practical?


Broke in the big city Never, ever leave home without cash. I went to Ortigas only to find out I had no cash. Bummer. I was dead broke. Thankfully, I was able to hitch a ride home with a friend.

Actually, I was planning to go sport climbing. Unfortunately I forgot to bring cash. I hitched a ride with my dad to Pasig, but as I got off the van, I realized I was broke. Penniless.

And to think I'm studying in a P 45,000 ++ per semester school.

You'd think a coñito like me would have money.

Onli in da Pilipins.




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