crash and burn


apr 02 2001
mar 28 2001

March 31, 2001

Unreliable floppy I just experienced something more horrible than digital death. You see, I keep a copy of this site around on a floppy disk (yes, one of those ancient things. I don't own a Zip drive.) I'm usually mobile, so whenever I need to upload an entry, I can go into a shop and edit, yada, yada. However, as I was saving my March 30 entry (which doesn't exist here, mind you) to disk, the computer popped that horrible BSOD, the Blue Screen Of Death. "Write Error. Cannot write to disk, data might be lost." (Insert long anguished wail) So, dear reader, this computer freak now has to rebuild the entire site from patchy files on his cluttered hard drive.


A month of work down the drain.

Version 2.0 I've been working on version 2.0 of this damned site. Hmm. Oh, and I gave up on Think-- I'll place it on the back burner for a while.

I'm finally connected to the Net. Not with prepaid cards, but with an account. I'm so happy I can scream. (Okay, not really.)

Oranges, anyone? Yes Ina, I do have folks in the Oranges. South Orange, NJ. I can't check my email now (Edsamail is down, aargh) so I can't email you. Yet.




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