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April 4, 2001

Finally It's summer. The long wait between now and June. When I become a sophomore.

Of course, my mom decided to enroll me into speech class.

The implications weren't lost on me.

Me? Speech class? Of course that would mean I don't know how to express myself. Verbally. Okay, partly true... but speech class?

It's like throwing a cat into a pool of water.


Plans I'm planning to work of course. Where? I have no idea. I'm looking around for part-time openings, particularly for a job involving computers.

I haven't contacted UP for that photography workshop my friend told me about. I'll have to do that within the week.

Then, we're going to Batangas over the Holy Week. It's an annual trek outside the Metro. So, that'd mean I won't update for at least a week. Or two.

Txt GMA The government has launched an interesting project. You can now forward text messages to Malacañang. I wasn't able to jot down the numbers. I do remember that Smart and Globe provided the numbers.

If I heard the report on TV correctly, Malacañang can reply to the messages for free. Everyone sending to the numbers still has to pay the P1.00 fee.

Talk about getting connected. I wonder what Malacañang's email address is...

Simmer down The Live Show issue has simmered down a bit. Grabbing the headlines now is the Bubby Dacer case. Charred remains have been found in Indang, Cavite. So far, the remains are being linked to Dacer and his driver, a brutal killing by the PAOCTF, and corruption in the higher levels of the Estrada government. Interesting.

Unfortunately, the timing is off. I mean, it's only less than two months before the elections. Anti-corruption campaigns, and anything that is remotely connected to exposing misdeed in the previous administration will be dismissed by the affected candidates as just another smear campaign by their opponents. Estrada is now even talking about being demonized by Ramos.

Of course, when Estrada speaks, everyone just shuts up-- because whatever Estrada says may be used against him. Wouldn't want to miss the opportunity.

Oh well, better now than never.




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