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april 10, 2001

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Fill in the blanks Life takes a lot of interesting twists and turns. This afternoon, I accompanied my sister into a department store. She was planning to buy something all girls buy: underwear. Oh the humanity. Being the big brother, I had to go with her. I would have just let her loose, but my mom insisted I escort her.

Of course, it was a pretty interesting albeit embarassing experience. A friend texted me: "It's training 4 ur future as a husband." Uh, right. I have to admit, she was right.

In reality, every experience we have prepares us for the next. So, although being surrounded by undergarments wasn't my idea of spending my afternoon, it was something I would experience in the future anyway.

I mean, I might suddenly find myself alone in a lingerie shop looking for an anniversary gift for my beloved.

Of course, with the advent of the Internet, I might as well order online.

Ah, forget it. I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

Shaved My dad shaved off his moustache. After having it for 28 years (or so he says), he's finally taken it off. I couldn't imagine him without one, so the look is pretty new to me.

Talk about changes.

Surprised Last Sunday, LJ dropped by my house. That was a surprise. Wait, it's more close to shock.

I had just taken a bath when the doorbell rang. It was LJ. Ruffling through my closet, I quickly pulled a shirt and a pair of pants. So, I was literally caught with my pants down.

Oh, wait, who's LJ? you ask. She's the girl who hosted a party last March 24.

As I was saying. She needed to print something. I was the nearest person around. Hmm.

You really can't say when these things happen.

Lola We also treated my lola to dinner last Sunday. It was pretty amusing. My lola's pretty deaf, so talking to her is a pretty hefty task. Everytime we would tell her something, she'd ask "Ano?" and we end up repeating ourselves, only to discover that she didn't get a single word we said.

I miss my lolo a bit. He died last summer, and I feel like I missed out a lot of his insights, his thoughts.

It makes me wonder about the wealth of experiences my grandparents have. The stories they could tell me, the knowledge and wisdom I could gain— in other words, the life they had led.

Sometimes, you realize the beauty of life and the importance of something when it is already too late.

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