dead space: the return

may 12, 2001

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Version 3

 I'm moving to my third interface version today. I've been fiddling around with the CSS, and so far everything seems to be stable. If you have Netscape 6, please drop me a note about how my site looks.

Version 3.x will be purely CSS-based. Any changes will be reflected across all version 3.x pages. Upload one file and presto— all files are updated, layout-wise.

One gigabyte

 Does anyone know the agony of living with a 1 GB hard disk that's about to give? The agony of it all... with only about 50 MB of free space left, a guy really can't do anything productive.

I've been keeping my PC up and running for the past 2 years. I guess it's about to collapse. The drive's even older— about 5 years old or so. The whole setup is about to crash...

Links, etc

 Want to find out who the hell is running this site? I've added a new section for those curious. Nothing much really...

If you're a Filipino currently living in the Philippines, read this site. An eye-opener, although it's pretty pessimistic. I've been going through it the past few days.

And if you have the time, drop by some of my regular reads: Adolescence Rush, Black Weekend, Melworx, Wedgie Central, how now, brownpau?, and Bombs for Breakfast.

Also notable visits: 1979, Zeldman, A List Apart, Banana Productions, Three Oh, and FilDesign

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