rain, rain, rain

may 9, 2001

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Raindrops keep falling on my head...

 There's nothing more annoying than commuting under the rain. Not that I'm hydrophobic of course.

It's been raining the past few days, foreshadowing the coming rainy season. The rains are a refreshing change from the scorching heat of a tropical summer.

However, when you're on an hour-long commute back home and you have to walk part of the way to the bus stop the rain can get to you. The feel of damp clothes against your skin is also annoying, especially when you enter an airconditioned bus. People usually crowd under eaves, or under the pedestrian overpass stairs, while waiting for their ride. The smell of perspiration, damp clothing, and body heat are all enough to make one dizzy. Waiting can be a real pain.

Thankfully, today was slightly different. I've commuted several times under the rain, sometimes without an umbrella or raincoat, and I could tell you it's not a comfortable experience. Today, however, I was able to get on a bus right after I exited the Taft MRT station. Afterwards, I got on a bus going to where I lived at Baclaran. I really didn't have to wait that long.

To live in Metro Manila.

Opposite sex

 How do the denizens of this metropolis treat the opposite sex? The thought occured to me as I was commuting.

How exactly do we talk to them? What do we talk about? What is taboo?


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