political tension

april 30, 2001

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Things are starting to brew. People are gathering in Edsa. There are signs that at 7pm today people will also gather at the University of Santo Tomas, although these will be on the opposite side of those at Edsa.

There are also talks of military juntas, civil war, and a "poor people's power."

All of this because of one man: Joseph Estrada.

Everything hangs on the balance. The situation is volatile. Every movement by the government, the opposition, the people amassed at Edsa— all will have an effect on the situation.


I seriously doubt that the people amassed at Edsa have a clear purpose. What are they rallying for? Erap's freedom? Anarchy? The return of Miriam's brain?

However, this does not mean their presence is meaningless and should be ignored. Not at all.

A massive crowd as that in Edsa may do a lot of damage. Sociologist Randy David commented last night that such charged energy has to find an outlet. A single spark will ignite the conflagration— a single inflammatory word from their leaders, and everything will tumble down.

The crowd at Edsa all have legitimate concerns. They have been ignored for so long. Unfortunately, they are being used by political figures as pawns in a chess game. The masses are being used by individuals in a massive gambit to grab power.

But the masses are not the only ones vulnerable. They are not the only ones being used.

Lighter stuff

I checked my mail earlier, and found I had 1 mail message. It was from a site named Crush Link, whose main purpose in its e-life is to join people with their crushes. Uh, right. Someone has a crush on me?

I'm flattered. And exasperated.

Having to guess the email address of that someone is exasperating. Whenever I'm confronted by a puzzle I hack at it until I find the solution. And this puzzle is distracting me from what I'm supposed to be doing.

So, please, whoever you are out there— have pity on a poor soul like me.

Email me, please.

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