sticks and stones

may 1, 2001

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At the frontline

The Metro has been declared to be in a state of rebellion. There are concerns that this is a prelude to the declaration of martial law. However, things have quieted down a bit.

The violence at Mendiola yesterday amazes me. The contrast between that rowdy crowd and the people who gathered last January is incredible. This crowd was violent. And I commend the journalists who covered the whole event.

Braving rocks, angry mobs, looting and damage to property and vehicles, these dedicated individuals did their job splendidly to give us what was happening when it was happening. Saludo ako sa inyo.

To be at the front line, covering the news and seeing history unfold— amazing. Just one of the many reasons why I would like to be a journalist.

Dream on, JM.

It's over

I saw the dispersement on TV. The images I saw shocked me. These people were unruly. They did not know that they had crossed the line. They did not care.

I'm happy it's finally over. There is no longer a feeling of unrest, and justice can finally be accomplished.

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